Onboxing is an unboxing experience for onboarding new hires.

Onboxing was born out of COVID-19 with the aim to:

  • Help Austin's local small businesses continue to thrive amidst COVID-19 

  • Help new hires feel welcome while starting with a new company remotely

Onboxing delivers a warm welcome to the door step of your new hires. Each box is carefully curated with day one necessities from six local Austin businesses and is guaranteed to make your new hires feel like they are a part of the team.

While welcomes and handshakes are being replaced by Zoom meetings, the personal touch does not have to be lost.

Onboxing is a woman-owned small business and is owned by me, Carolyn! I am an HR Professional by trade and I hold an MBA in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Onboxing is powered by a nerd with a passion for helping organizations become more efficient, helping them understand their people better and helping organizations AND their people reach their true potential. I am New York born and raised but currently live in beautiful Austin, TX! I believe in the strength of community and supporting local businesses.