"When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little Happy Dance" 



El Talisman is a family owned, FDA registered, thirty-five acre coffee farm, located in the mountains of Matagalpa, Nicaragua (coordinates 12 58.044 N 085 49.130 W). We are a small coffee farm, dedicated to producing the highest quality naturals and honey naturals.

Our coffee comes directly from our family’s farm. It is grown with the upmost respect and passion, to bring you the best cup our farm can produce.

All our coffee is roasted locally in Austin by Fernando every week.  Ensuring the freshest coffee all the time.

We hope that you enjoy our coffee as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!


My goal for this small business has always been simple: Provide our retail guests with the very best independently designed stationery and paper goods. And to host weekly creative workshops where our community can gather and learn from knowledgable instructors. As an entrepreneur, I have had the opportunity work alongside so many other amazing small businesses and companies. 

I love serving the world by creating a space where everyone who walks through our doors feel welcomed and supported. It’s also pure magic when someone finds the perfect card for their loved ones or when someone lights up after learning something new in one of our workshops.



At Slow North, we intentionally craft all-natural, botanical products made to complement whole living. A family business, Slow North emerged from the belief that all home goods, whether luxury or necessity, should be made with clean and safe ingredients. 


It all started in our Austin, TX kitchen where we experimented combining flavors we love from traditional Indian cuisine with our favorite sweet treat: chocolate.

We source our cacao from the Tumaco region of Colombia, then roast, crack, winnow, grind, flavor, temper and wrap all our bars by hand striving to create the highest of quality bean-to-bar product. From the beautiful packaging inspired by Indian textiles, to the gorgeous bars themselves, Madhu chocolate is a true labor of love.

One consistent source of inspiration is Harshit's mom. She is a wonderful cook and always has inventive recipes. Not to mention, she makes an amazing chai.  She is the reason why Harshit grew up with so much passion for food. Because she has been a great inspiration since the inception of this business, we thought it would only be appropriate to give the business same name as her: Madhu. Madhu in Hindi means honey or sweet which we think makes total sense for naming a chocolate company. It is also the mantra of our lives 'Be Madhu to one another'. 

- Owners, Elliott and Harshit

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Owner, Shannon Donaldson always knew that she wanted to do something uncommon with her career. With a degree in sculpture from Stephen F. Austin State University and a background in flower arrangement in the wedding planning industry, Shannon garnered a trained eye for making appealing arrangements.

In 2012, the cart we’ve all come to know and love, Flowers on the Fly blossomed and from there she locked down 3 locations to operate 4 days a week from 12 to 4. Thursday's on UT campus at the SW corner of 24th and Guadalupe, Friday's at the SE corner of 6th and Congress, and on Saturday's and Sunday's on South Congress in front of the famous Guero’s Taco Bar. 

In 2016 we opened our first brick and mortar shop down town, but now have moved. 

In March 2019 We moved to a bigger brighter space! So come see us here at 5501 N. Lamar. You’ll always be sure to find a new succy friend to add to your home, office or a little gift for a friend.


Audrey Jahanian & Zaid Gallo are the crafters behind 7th Street Candle Co. We’re based here in East Austin, and love bringing that culture into our candles. Our scents are vibrant and warm without cluttering the air. The ingredients are natural and our process is sustainable. We’d never make candle that we weren’t proud of.

In all of our candles, we call attention to the origin of the aroma through visual embellishments. What you see is what you get! When we aren’t pouring candles, we enjoy playing with our dog Henri and going to the farmer’s markets in town. We are excited to meet you, and to show you our craft.

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Sunset Canyon Pottery is a production pottery studio. We make dinnerware, kitchenware and pottery for the home. All pieces are handmade and hand decorated.

Our mission at Sunset Canyon Pottery is to make high quality stoneware with precise specifications and consistency. We work as a team so each employee becomes part of a process that results in finished pottery. Each step requires accuracy and attention to detail from preparing the clay, throwing each piece, glazing, firing, kiln loading to shipping. ⠀⠀⠀


At Lucky Lime, our goal is to make people happy, from the inside out. 

We want you to love what you eat. To get excited about meal times. And to eat for a balance of well-being and satisfaction. 

To us, healthy eating means eating a variety of crave-worthy foods that give you the nutrients you need to feel good and be energized. Life is busy, and some days it can be a bumpy ride. With Lucky Lime, you can show yourself some love and give yourself the boost you need to get over the bumps and sail into your happy place. That’s why our customers call it “feel good food!”

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