The Original Onboxing

The Original Onboxing

The Original Onboxing is an unboxing experience for onboarding remote hires.


The aim is to fill two needs that are so prevalent right now:

1. Helping Austin small-businesses continue to thrive amidst covid-19

2. Helping new hires feel welcome while starting with a new company remotely


Each Onboxing includes 8 treats from ATX Small Business Vendors:

  • Coffee by Talisman Coffee and 
  • Hand-pottered mug by Sunset Canyon to caffeinate their work week 
  • Chocolate bar by Madhu Chocolate for that afternoon sweet-tooth
  • Notebook, pad and pen by The Paper + Craft Pantry to take notes during their Zoom team-meetings 
  • Aromatherapy Candle from Slow North for that Mid-Day Zen Moment 
  • A succulent from Succulent Native to provide them with a natural, pleasing work-space 
  • $10 off lunch by Lucky Lime for that first virtual team lunch 


This is not just another gift box. It is powered by an HR nerd with a passion for culture so this box also includes: 

  • A personalized Thank You Note branded to your company
  • An optional "Work Fam Fast Facts" sheet that introduces their team members and advice for their first week 
  • Tips to have a peaceful start to their remote work-day